The Website

Everyone says the best way to start a successful blog is to identify a topic you are passionate about, the relevant keywords that people are searching for in this topic, and then begin writing and get to know your audience and grow your platform along the way. This is a bit of a non-starter for me because I’m interested in too many different things. So, contrary to all the bloggers that blog about how to be successful at blogging, I’m using this website as a way to share some of the writing that I do on a regular basis. You might encounter anything from reflections on software development or music to techniques I’m using to learn Koine Greek. I’m more interested in sharing what I’m working on as a means to further learning than I am in growing a platform.

On the home page, I refer to this site as the “public-facing portion of my memex”. I keep a body of digital documents that I use to organize my thoughts, work, and correspondence. There are many names for this type of thing like Personal Knowledge Base, Commonplace Book, Notes, and Second Brain. I’ll have to write about this at some point, but I like to keep the idea of what this thing is loose and flexible so that it meets my needs and desires rather than those of the cultural moment. Often, I will note something in my memex and it feels like it’s worth sharing. Those things eventually get posted on this site. Some day I’ll write about my Memex, how I built it, and things like that.


I’m a software developer with broad interests. I’m almost always interest in seeing the bigger picture and understanding other disciplines as a means to better inhabiting my little corner of the world. Coffee is one of my very strong hobbies — I do enough writing about it to collect it all in one place at CoffeeQuandary{:target=“_blank”}. Separately, the documents of the Bible have always been important to me so I reflect on them from different angles at various times. I’m blessed right now to be building software in a domain where I’m working with Biblical and original language data. That’s been a blast.

Writing an about page is an uncomfortable task, so I’m going to keep it short. If you would like to get in touch to discuss something, I would enjoy that. You can find me on social media or use my Contact{:target=“_blank”} page.